The publicly available UCSC Archaeal Genome Browser provides you with many research and analysis tools that can be used to examine the genomes of more than 50 microbial species from the domain archaea. It is based on the USCS Genome Browser, and thus contains many of the easy to use features that some of you have already become familiar with. Data also include the genomes of important bacteria for comparison.

Searching and browsing through the genomic data is convenient and simple. There are a variety of basic and advanced tools, as well. You can search by DNA or protein sequence using BLAT, or use the UCSC In-Silico PCR tool to search by primer sequences, and then examine your predicted PCR product. The Table Browser enables you to retrieve the data from the data tracks you want in text format. And it is very easy to download and format any sequence you want using the "Get DNA in Window" feature offered. Multiple options and methods enable you to customize your data display to your liking. The UCSC Archaeal Genome Browser is a valuable resource to anyone interested in archaeal genome research.

You will learn:

  • Browse and search through the available archaeal genome data to find what you need
  • Understand the data you obtain and link to more information
  • Customize and manipulate your data in the genome browser
  • Use Blat and the In-Silico PCR tools to search by sequence
  • Understand and access some of the additional advanced tools available


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